viernes, 3 de agosto de 2007

My favorite artist

Ricardo ArjonaBorn January 19, 1964 in Jocotenango (near Antigua Guatemala).
Guatemalan singer/ songwriter Ricardo Arjona is one of the more respected Latin artists.

He also played basketball for the Guatemalan national team, but continued to play his guitar and write songs in his spare time. .

jueves, 2 de agosto de 2007

My classmates

Giusseli Duno
Tania Carrasquero
Neilyn Camargo
Emilia Rincón
Raquel fleire
Solsire Mesa
Luisana mesa
Berkelis Vilchez
Magaly Escalante
Clara Verbel
Betty Acuña
Francisco Urdaneta
Liubica Garcia

united 11Holy Weekend


Date:since the sunday beforepasson until easher sunday
Customs, decorations,people use palms
foos, present giving: and religious picture
Season: spring inside the house
Length: I week
Activities, dancing, visting: peaple attend
church make dramatic works, viacrusis and
Historial origin: around the o year tell one´s beads, they also the house is smoked
with incense.
Reason for liking or nol liking: I thinnk it´s
important to remenber who died for us to save the
Religious or other significanse: It celebrates
worid. the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus
crist to redeam the humanity.
Personal celebrations: I attend chured with my family
and taget the we take palms there.
Comercial significanse: It´s comunon tosee
sellings of holy pictures and statues.

jueves, 12 de julio de 2007

Did you have a good weekend?

United 14

I went out to a party. We saw the new harry potter movie.

I visited my family on Sunday. My father sang his favorites
song on the kareoke. My cousin encouraged me to do
the same but I passed over. My uncle brought some meat
meta with salsa to make a barbecue. We talked
about my child hood times. I used to collect frogs
when I was a kid. I had a fabulious weekend.

you can't miss it

United 13
Anne: excuse me, Mrs. Can you help me?
Mrs: Sure
Anne: how do I get to the Red Cross?
Mrs: Just walk up until you get to the 11 av. Once there turn right and walk down. It´s next to Diario La Verdad building.
Anne: thank you. Do you kwon where is Plaza de la Republica?
Mrs: It´s ending the 5 de julio avenue.

miércoles, 11 de julio de 2007

What's the matter

United 12

Scene I:

Anne: hello, Nicole
Nicole: hi, Anne, How are you?
Anne: fine, how do you feel today?
Nicole: I fell really terrible. I have a headache
Anne: ¡I´m sorry!, why don´t you go to see a doctor?
Nicole: yes, I´m go with you
Anne: ok. I´ll go with you.

Scene II:

Anne: good afternoom, mis
Clara: good afternoon
Anne: may I speak to Dr. Sam
Clara: one moment, please.
Anne: mis, is urgent
Clara: ok
Clara: I don´t want to disturb you Dr. San, but mis Nicole wants to talk with you, is urgent.
Dr. San: ok. Let her in
Clara: ok, you can go in.

Scene III:

Dr. Sam: hello, mis Nicole, How are you today?
Nicole: I fell terrible.
Dr. Sam: what`s wrong exactly?
Nicole: I`m exhausted
Dr. Sam: Hmm. Why are you so tired
Nicole: I just can`t sleep at nignt
Dr. Sam: ok. Let`s take a look. I`m going to give you some pills. Take one pill every night after dinner.
Nicole: ok.
Dr. Sam: and don`t drink coffe, tea, or soda
Nicole: no, soda?
Dr. Sam: no, and don`t work too hard
Nicole: all right. Thanks Dr. Sam.

jueves, 14 de junio de 2007

Broccoli is good for you

United 9

My favorite fruit is stawberry and pear, the potatoes is my favorite vegetable, chiken and beef are my favorite meat, cheese is my favorite dairy food.
I have some bread, but I don't use some butter, I don't use alwais juice and coffe, but I like the milk. I usually have soup, rice and beet in the lunch.
I never have broccoli, I don't like onions.
I have a healthy diet.I frequently eat fruits and grains.
I need to eat more vegetables and proteins. For good heath, eat fruits and vegetables and very little fat, oil and sugar.